Tendinitis: Band Of Tissue That Connects Muscle To Bone Becomes Inflamed

  • Symptoms: tenderness and pain in the foot that is worse with activity, redness, swelling
  • Causes: repetitive motions, bad posture, walking habits, poorly positioned joints or bones 
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Fallen Arches (Flat Feet): Low Or No Arches In The Foot

  • Symptoms: pain on the inside of the ankle, arch and outside of the foot, calf, knee, hip, or back, noticeable low arches
  • Causes: family history, abnormalities in the foot joints, injury to a muscle or tendon in the foot
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Plantar Fasciitis: The Band Of Tissue That Runs From The Heel To Mid-Foot Is Inflamed

  • Symptoms: pain in the underside of the heel that is worse in the morning and beginning to walk and is better after rest
  • Causes: sedentary lifestyle, being on your feet for extended periods of time, changing exercise surface, poor footwear, sudden increase in amount or intensity of exercise, tight Achilles tendon
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Osteoarthritis: Joint Cartilage And The Underlying Bone Begin To Degrade

  • Symptoms: pain and stiffness in the foot, tenderness, grating or cracking feeling, limited motion
  • Causes: aging, family history

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