East London

Pilates in Stratford E20, East London

Fix offers personal 1:1 Pilates as well as a range of Pilates classes with teachers of different backgrounds, approaches and expertise. Find a movement practice that suits you with our group classes or private sessions.

Group Classes

We hold classes in our upstairs mezzanine with a 6 people maximum, each class provides a personalised experience with careful guidance. View our schedule and book online to reserve your place. Class bookings open one week in advance.

Mat Pilates Classes

Mat Pilates uses small focused movements to strengthen and tone deep core and postural muscles while improving full body awareness and flexibility. We provide beginner, prenatal, postnatal and mum & baby Pilates.
East London Pilates

Yoga Classes

Our Slow Flow yoga class takes you through creative gentle flows to maximise flexibility and strength with calming poses offering mental focus and relaxation.

This class is suitable for all levels.

Private Pilates Sessions

Do you have an injury or concerned that group classes aren’t for you? Our experienced Pilates teachers and physiotherapists teach you how to move better, prevent injuries and ensure those niggles don’t return.

Each practitioner is trained in the field of rehabilitation and have been hand-picked to provide a supportive, knowledgeable and safe environment for all.

Private Mat Pilates

A floor-based workout tailored to your needs and goals. These sessions use a range of small equipment including bands, balls, foam rollers and weights to work on balance, stability, control, toning and form. Great if you’re new to Pilates, recovering from injury, if you want to improve fitness or ideal if you want to take home exercises and work on your technique.
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Private Reformer Pilates

For those needing a more challenging and personal approach to Pilates. The reformer helps with deep activation of key areas in your body such as the core, glutes and spine. It is ideal for those wanting to improve posture or for those recovering from injury, following on from physiotherapy treatment.

Private Pilates With Physio

These sessions are taught by a physiotherapist and beneficial for those recovering from an injury. Using all the Pilates equipment a program is tailored after an initial assessment. Pilates with a physiotherapist are great for anyone looking to prevent injury, prenatal/postnatal clients, and for anyone looking for a fun, safe and effective workout.

Private Pilates Duets

Have you considered doing private Pilates with a friend? Experience a Pilates session designed specifically for you and your body while splitting the cost with a friend. Privates are tailored to give you the results you want utilising the reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and barrels.