Private Health Insurance at Fix

Are You Wondering if Your Private Health Insurance is Covered at Fix?

In the UK, private health insurance is designed to cover the cost of private medical treatment for acute conditions.

These are short-term and curable health issues rather than long-term, chronic conditions. That new pain you are experiencing may become chronic if left untreated, so please don’t wait until it worsens.

Fix East Village currently accepts BUPA members for Physiotherapy and Osteopathy. Please read below for more information. For any other insurance queries, read below.

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What to Do

Please get in touch with your insurance company before booking your appointment. It’s best to confirm the level of cover you have and whether you’ll need a GP or consultant referral letter.

You will need to provide all the following information to us before coming to your appointment. These are;

You will need to call your insurance provider to explain your injury/concern and request to see a therapist at Fix.

Please give your insurer our provider number (listed below) to get your authorisation code.

Most policies will include an excess payment.

An excess is an amount of money that your provider will expect you to pay before they start covering you for further treatment you receive over that amount.

We are unable to take payments for excess until Bupa notifies us as such. When this happens, we will notify you.

Some insurance providers allow you to pay for your treatments directly and the claim back from them.

In order to do this, you need an invoice for each treatment/payment you have. We’ll provide you with invoices after each payment, so that you can easily claim back the treatment costs incurred.

Please check your plan thoroughly before booking with us and paying to ensure that your chosen treatments are covered.

Our BUPA provider numbers are:

80013751 for Physiotherapy

30038982 Laura Maidment (Osteopathy)

Please tell BUPA that you want to book at “Fix East Village” or “Laura Maidment” to get your pre authorisation code associated to our clinic/practitioner.

For more on what Fix has to offer please email or give us a call on 020 8555 7165


We will handle the billing for our BUPA patients. As long as you have provided us with a valid pre authorisation and membership number, we will do the rest.

Please be advised that we cannot process your invoices without the information listed above and valid authorisation, resulting in the need to self-fund your appointments.

The prices per session from insurance providers can vary from our standard pricing.

Please note that many providers will not authorise treatment costs retrospectively, so best to do this in advance of your appointment.

There is usually a limit on how much therapy you can claim for. This is either a monetary amount (e.g. £500 per year) or measured by the number of sessions you can receive.

You cannot claim for any accessories.

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