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Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or training to enhance your athletic performance – our expert physiotherapists can guide you every step of the way. We start your recovery by listening to you. By understanding the causes of a problem rather than focusing on the symptoms we provide you with long-term solutions to improved well-being.

What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a science-based practice that diagnoses and treats a range of different musculoskeletal conditions.

From muscle injuries and surgical rehabilitation to performance analysis and strength restoration –physiotherapists develop a tailored treatment plan using evidence-based methods.

East London Physiotherapy

What does physiotherapy treat?

Our team of physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions and people – athletes, working professionals, children, elderly and everyone in between.
Common conditions we treat include:
Pre and post surgical rehabilitation:
To ensure you have the best surgical outcome possible, we focus on optimising strength, mobility and movement patterns. Pre and post op conditions we can assist with include:

Your path to recovery

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Initial Assessment & Treatment

Meet your practitioner and tell us about your injury, pain and goals. We’ll begin your recovery on day one and provide a treatment plan.
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Ongoing Care

See us for further hands-on treatment and home exercise updates. We’ll adapt your program or guide you into other treatments as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

A medical doctor can train to be a physiotherapist, however physiotherapists are not doctors. They are autonomous practitioners and can refer on to doctors, refer for scans or other such specialties if necessary. You do not need to see a doctor before attending to see a physiotherapist at Fix.
Wear sports wear or gym kit that you can move in. For ladies, if the area of concern is your back, neck or shoulders, please wear a sports bra as the physiotherapist will need to see your spine. For lower limb, hips, knees please wear shorts or cycling shorts so the physiotherapist can see the area clearly.
Physiotherapy can help arthritis. Depending on the type, intensity, severity and location of the arthritis, physiotherapists have different strategies to help patients. Very often pain or discomfort from osteoarthritis can be relieved with gentle joint mobilisations and exercise for example.
Physiotherapy can help with sciatica. Sciatica can come from a variety of sources, including the low back, hip and pelvic dysfunction and tight muscles. The physiotherapist will be able to assess, treat and advise you on the best home exercises you can do to reduce the symptoms and then use the appropriate treatment techniques to improve symptoms. If necessary, the physio may refer for scanning and orthopaedic intervention.
Physiotherapy can assist with neck pain. Depending on the reasons for the pain, the physiotherapist has many differing treatment techniques to use for neck pain. These include traction, trigger point release, dry needling, stretching, activation, range of motion exercises, strengthening and postural advice.
Physiotherapy can assist with back pain. Depending on the reasons for the pain, the physiotherapist has many differing treatment techniques to use for back pain. It may require traction, trigger point release, dry needling, stretching, core activation, range of motion exercises, strengthening and postural advice.
You can self refer for private physiotherapy. You do not need a doctors referral. Some health insurance companies may require a doctors referral. Please check directly with your insurers if you are unsure.
At Fix the initial appointment lasts an hour and costs £90. Follow up appointment vary in length depending on the treatment plan. They can be 55 mins (£90), 45 mins (£75) or 30 mins (£57)
If you have an injury or pain you should see a physiotherapist. Physiotherapists are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of injury and pain