Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: The Median Nerve Of The Forearm Becomes Compressed

  • Symptoms: tingling sensation in the hands, numbness, weak thumbs, dull ache in the hand or forearm
  • Causes: family history, pregnancy, injury to the wrist, repetitive motion of the hand
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Osteoarthritis: Joint Cartilage And The Underlying Bone Begin To Degrade

  • Symptoms: pain and stiffness in the wrist, tenderness, grating or cracking feeling, limited motion
  • Causes: aging, family history

Rheumatoid Arthritis The Lining Of The Joints Becomes Inflamed And Irritated

  • Symptoms: throbbing, aching pain that is worse in the morning and after periods of inactivity, stiffness in the joint, swelling, redness
  • Causes: family history, high estrogen levels, smoking
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Ganglion Cysts: A Fluid Filled Swelling That Develops Near The Wrist Joint

  • Symptoms: smooth lump under the skin, usually on the back of the wrist, sometimes cause pain when moving the wrist
  • Causes: aging, injury to the wrist
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Sprained Wrist: Wrist Ligaments Have Stretched More Than Normal, But Are Not Permanently Damaged

  • Symptoms: pain around the wrist, swelling, bruising, unable to put weight on the wrist, tenderness
  • Causes: landing awkwardly on an outstretched wrist, collisions with an object or other person
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