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The Organic Mechanical... Our Fix Ethos

Those of you who’ve spent any time at Fix may have noticed the orange pebble-shaped logo on our wall. This seemingly simple pebble, stamped with the Fix logo, represents the integration of our principles; The Organic Mechanical.

The Organic Mechanical, originally a concept put forward by Functionalist Sociologist Emile Durkheim in relation to the societal body, is not quite as complex and intimidating as it might sound! At Fix we offer mechanical treatments and advice. We fix clients through aiding them in the process of fixing themselves, through the use of touch – whether that be massage, bodily manipulations, dry needling and acupuncture or through exercise. Our approach is physical and, through its basis in solid evidence, can be seen as the ‘mechanical’.

However, we don’t believe that courses of treatments ought to be pre-determined, based solely on an individual’s ‘injury’, or dictated to by a pre-determined model of practice. Rather as a team we work organically, taking into account all the factors that shape our individual client’s lives and their consequent health.

The Fix experience aims to be a composite one that considers all these elements and treats our clients accordingly. Being an inter-referring clinic is one key aspect of this ethos.

For example a client may come into Fix for some remedial acupuncture for a sports injury. After discussing their long-term goals, our acupuncturist may then recommend a sports/deep-tissue/myofascial release massage. That therapist might notice a mechanical imbalance and so refer the client on to one of our osteopaths or physiotherapists. That therapist might in turn discuss the long-term benefits of a fitness programme to help improve the patient’s everyday posture, the way they sit at their desk, hold their child etc. and refer them onto one of our Yoga or Pilates teachers.

Each patient gets a truly multidisciplinary approach to their care, safe in the knowledge that their story and individuality is understood and respected by all the people they work with. In a nutshell we hope to make the Fix experience as comprehensive as possible.

For more on what Fix has to offer please email or give us a call on 020 8555 7165