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Running Coach in Stratford E20, East London

Are you ready to take your running to the next level? Whether your goal is to optimise run performance or a successful return from injury, we provide personalised coaching for every runner.

Why use a professional running coach?

To help you run smarter and not harder, our running coach designs a bespoke training programme with a focus on injury prevention through careful analysis of gait, stride and pace.
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What does a run coaching session involve?

Our professional run coach is based at Fix East Village and dedicated to providing personalised coaching to every runner, catering to runners of all levels and speeds. From 800m sprints to ultra-marathons, our expertise extends across a wide range of target races. Our commitment is to empower runners of all abilities while staying injury free.

A comprehensive 90-minute training session, with personalised support to enhance your running performance.

Through slow-motion video analysis, we perform a thorough evaluation of your form. After the session, you’ll receive a detailed report summarising our findings and recommendations, enabling you to track your progress effectively.

A bespoke 60-minute personal training session with running drills and exercises to optimise your running form.

Our experienced coach offers a progressive technique analysis using slow-motion video to assess and capture the intricacies of your stride.

Beyond the session, we provide you with additional insights to continually progress your training.

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