Cranial Osteopathy

London Cranial Osteopath

Cranial osteopathy treats the whole body not just the head and neck.

The gentle technique of cranial osteopathy work to give lasting relief from pain, improving everyday activities and enhancing performance in sport and creative arts.

Cranial osteopathy is at the gentle end of the osteopathic spectrum and the technique is a safe and effective alternative to joint manipulation.

People with sensitive systems, often find they have no negative treatment reactions with this type of osteopathy. Many people who have this treatment are relieved to find that there is very little pulling and pushing and yet their pain resolves leaving them feeling better and looser than they have done in a long while.

What can cranial osteopathy treat?

Your Osteopath will seek to understand your symptoms in the context of your whole lifestyle and will work with you to create the best possible environment for good health. Because of this approach many people choose Osteopathic healthcare to help prevent injury and illness, as well as to treat specific problems.

Some of the conditions your Cranial Osteopath can treat include: