Introduction to Hypopressives Workshop for Mothers


The changes that occur during pregnancy and then postpartum are the most radical a physical body experiences. In amongst all the different advice, it can be quite difficult to know what is an effective and safe way to bring strength and function back to your postpartum body. Mums are often told to “just do your pelvic floor exercises” but not always explained exactly what that means, and why we should do them. And for many woman they don’t seem to be the answer, so what are the other options?Is there an alternative to putting up with leaking, prolapse and diastasis?

In this introduction to Hypopressives workshop you will learn about the Low Pressure Fitness technique and why it is beneficial in regaining pelvic floor and core strength postpartum, as well as improving your posture which is a vital part in pelvic health.You will learn the fundamentals of the technique and try some of the poses. We will do a Hypopressives class and finish with a relaxation, giving your body a chance to integrate the work. This workshop is for anyone who has had a baby and wants to safely regain internal strength so that they can move and feel good in their bodies from the inside out.

There will be a Q&A to answer any questions around pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal issues postpartum, to shed light on many of these unspoken issues that are surprisingly common.

The workshop will give you space and information to more fully understand your true core and how it functions.