Yoga for Cyclists Course

This course is specifically designed to address the physical tendencies that develop in cyclists. You’ll work to correct the imbalance created by repeated overexertion of some muscle groups and underutilisation of others.

Throughout the course you’ll learn to how to build postural strength, counterbalance the cycling posture, lengthen commonly overworked muscle groups and increase mobility in the joints that suffer from reduced mobility during cycling

The principal aim is for you to learn how to strengthen and stretch mindfully in class so that you can apply these skills when back on the bike and keep commonly developed cycle related injuries at bay.

Please note that this online live streamed course, will run via Zoom.  You are not required to pay for/ register with Zoom, we will send you a link. As long as you have a camera on a device (laptop, tablet or phone), all you have to do is click on the link and activate video and audio. You will be sent a recording of the class that you will be able to access every day ’til the next class. We hope you can join us!

*Due to the impact of COVID-19, we know some people’s income will have been adversely affected, so we are offering a concession rate for those that need it.  Please get in touch with us, prior to booking, if this would be of benefit to you.