Introducing Women’s Only Yoga @ Fix Studio

London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world.  In Hackney alone, it’s estimated 89 different languages are spoken.  At Fix, we believe in making the therapeutic benefits of yoga accessible for everyone.  We are introducing a Women’s Only Yoga class to create a space where women can exercise with privacy, comfort and modesty.  The class will be open to all women and is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.


How does yoga sit with religious faith?

Many people question whether yoga is compatible with having another faith, be it Muslim, Christian or Jewish.  Although yoga shares historical roots with Buddhism and Hinduism, the modern practice of yoga is not inherently a religious activity.  Yoga is an umbrella term that encompasses many different forms, some of which are more spiritual than others, for example Bhakti yoga is the practice of devotion. Even when the practice is spiritual, it does not specify a religious faith, and there are many groups around the world that have woven the practice of yoga into their own religious faith, for example, PraiseMoves and Jewish Yoga Network.

What is the Fix approach to yoga?

At Fix, our goal is to share the therapeutic benefits of yoga in a way that is safe, accessible and inclusive.  The classes are kept small to make sure you get individual attention and are supported in your practice.  Our classes use physical poses (asana), breath techniques (pranayama) and body awareness to develop strength, flexibility and balance.  The practice also helps to bring stillness and calm to our busy minds through relaxation and mindfulness.  It is the kind of therapy we can all benefit from, whatever your belief system.

About the teacher

Bryony has a background as a doctor and is training to be a yoga therapist with the Minded Institute.  Since being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and becoming a mum of 2, she has learnt to adapt her yoga practice to the changing demands of her life.  In her teaching, she brings a deep understanding of how the body works as well as a sensitivity to individual needs.

Join the Fix community

A 5-week course of Women’s Only Yoga starts at Fix Studio on Wednesday 24th April 11am-12pm.  To find out more about the course or to sign up, please email Bryony ( or book online via Fix London website (