Angela Du Boulay

Massage Therapist: Deep Tissue, Sports, Tension Release and Pregnancy | Mat Pilates

After practicing Remedial Massage for 4+ years in her home city, Perth, Western Australia, Angela has recently relocated to London to pursue her passion for helping people move better and achieve their goals.

Ange’s skill set includes sports, deep tissue and soft tissue massage, dry needling, neuromuscular techniques, myo-fascial release, pregnancy massage, relaxation massage and teaching Pilates.

Ange lives and breathes health and fitness. Always trying new sports and fitness classes, she loves to get outdoors and is always up for a physical challenge. From football, netball and golf to regular weight training at the gym, she is constantly staying active. On her recent travels to South America Ange enjoyed horse riding through the Andes, hiking up Machu Picchu, cycling down death road in Bolivia, climbing volcanos in Nicaragua and salsaing her way through South and Central America.

Her clients come from all ages, walks of life and sporting backgrounds including national and international swim teams, crossfit athletes, football players, individual weekend warriors, corporate workers, pre and post natal women, stroke patients and chronic pain sufferers.

Whatever your ambitions may be, she looks forward to working with you to help you achieve the best results and smash your goals!