Danielle Allan

Massage Therapist: Deep Tissue, Sports, Tension Release

Danielle has over 8 years in clinical massage and sporting event experience since she graduated from the University of Westminster at the highest level SMRT Therapy Practitioner with North London School of Sports Massage (NLSSM) Diploma Level 5, 2014.

In 2021 Danielle achieved REPs Level 4 certification as a Back Pain Specialist with Corrective Exercise Prescription and offers Advanced Exercise Prescription for GP referred patients suffering from underlying health conditions requiring safe introduction to establish better fitness providing tailored programmes to suit individual health conditions and debilitating symptoms to better manage pain and maintain fitness for long-term results and prevent degenerative dysfunction.

Danielle enjoys the detective work involved in discovering the potential aggravators of symptoms and offer proactive preventative lifestyle advice & effective remedies to help establish better movement habits and optimise nutrition to facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal and perform. Her passion for individualised fitness and injury prevention lead her to continue the study of exercise prescription as a rounded whole body treatment approach into her practice.

Danielle has worked alongside Premier League and Rugby Union medical teams and is experienced in both clinical and sporting event work to deliver scientifically proven manual therapy to those of all professions, ages and fitness levels. Her focus is on the areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive movements working with the patient and within their pressure tolerance to reduce pain and wear and tear; Promoting flexibility, reducing fatigue and improving endurance to help prevent injuries and optimise performance both in activities and sports as well as day to day life.

She uses a variation of scientifically approved techniques to offer a holistic intervention to promote natural recovery of the Musculoskeletal system such as deep tissue, sports massage, MFR, trigger points, MET and STR to help with a multitude of conditions. She also empowers the patients to apply self-help strategies for use in an outside the clinic/sporting environment to further progress and assist clients towards their desired goals.

She is always keen to gain sports work experience and can often be found providing pre-intra and post event sports therapy around the UK.

To date she has worked at the London Marathon – this year treating runners of the RFU Injured players foundation, Henley Royal Regatta, West Ham United FC completing four seasons, as well as establishing an in-house clinic at Central School of Ballet.

She also has experience at sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup 2015, Guinness Six Nations treating Scotland RFU.

When she is not at Fix, she is usually booked up treating her relatives who’s ages range between 14-93… including their neighbours & neighbours relatives(!)

Danielle enjoys keeping active exploring in and out of London as a fair weather runner and keen paddleboarder, she is often planning trips with her friends and tries to keep up with her niece and nephew having fun and trying new activities together such as bouldering, football and swimming.