Dr Naveed Anwar


Naveed Anwar is an esteemed physiotherapist renowned for his unwavering commitment to patient care and clinical excellence. With over 11 years of experience specialising in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, Naveed’s journey began with academic achievements including a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from King Edward Medical University and a Master’s degree in Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy from Riphah International University.

Throughout his career, Naveed’s thirst for knowledge and dedication to his craft led him to pursue specialised training, acquiring certifications in techniques such as the Mulligan Concept and Spinal Manual Therapy. His commitment to continuous professional development is a testament to his passion for delivering the highest standard of care to his patients.

In his current role as a First Contact Practitioner at North PCN Harlow in the UK, Naveed plays a pivotal role in the assessment, diagnosis, and management of musculoskeletal problems. Leveraging his expertise and utilizing tools like System One and Physi-track App, he ensures efficient patient management and personalised treatment plans aimed at optimising outcomes and promoting self-management.

Naveed’s career trajectory has seen him excel in various senior positions, both in Pakistan and the UK, including roles as a Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and Clinic Lead. His consultative approach, coupled with his clinical reasoning skills, has earned him a reputation for excellence among his peers and clients alike.

Beyond his clinical practice, Naveed is a prolific researcher, with numerous publications exploring topics such as the efficacy of different physiotherapy techniques and innovative rehabilitation approaches. His dedication to advancing the field of physiotherapy through research underscores his commitment to improving patient outcomes and contributing to evidence-based practice.

Naveed’s leadership, time management, and teamwork skills further complement his clinical expertise, making him a valuable asset to any healthcare team. Driven by his passion for healthcare and a desire to make a meaningful difference in the lives of his patients, Naveed Anwar continues to inspire and impact the field of physiotherapy through his dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence