Helen O’Neill

Clinic Director


Helen is a specialist physiotherapist in movement analysis and dysfunction. She has always been a keen athlete and determined competitor. She grew up on her mothers yoga mat and knew from a young age she would work in the arena of sport, movement and health. Helen completed a Bachelors degree in Human Movement Science from Liverpool University in 2000 and received a First Class honours degree in Physiotherapy from Salford University in 2004.

Then, a passion for adventure and a love of mountain sports led her to the Canadian mountain town of Whistler, where for 6 years she lived, skied, worked and learnt from some of the best therapists in the country. She completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in 2007.

In addition to treating the professional athletes that live and train in Whistler, Helen was also a key practitioner at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Helen has also worked with the Canadian Snowboard Team and the Canadian National Triathlon team.

Helen has a wealth of experience in diagnosis and treatment, working with everyone from Ironmen to world-class skiers, through to recreational runners and swimmers. She uses manual and manipulative therapy techniques, IMS-style dry needling, neuromuscular re-programming and functional rehabilitation in her treatment regimes.

She has a lifelong yoga practice and an RYT200 teaching certification. She weaves her experiences of being a student of Ashtanga, Bikram, Anusara, Iyengar and flow into her physiotherapy knowledge and practice. She is co-founder of Threes Physiyoga Method.

Helen founded Fix in late 2012 after returning from working at international level with a team of specialised healthcare professionals including trainers, nutritionists, osteopaths, psychologists, physios, coaches and surgeons. It was this incredible teamwork and inter-referring communication leading towards a common goal that inspired Helen to set up Fix, in order to provide a network of dedicated inter-referring specialists that work together to provide EXACTLY what an athlete needs to maintain optimum health and performance.

When she’s not Fixing people herself, or directing the operations at Fix HQ, Helen can be found biking on the roads and in the mud, running, swimming, being upside-down and spending time with her family.