James O’Reilly


James is a registered Osteopath with a Masters in Osteopathy M.Ost and Naturopathic Diploma ND from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London, with over 6 years manual therapy experience treating athletes, performing artists and musicians among all representations and ages.

His structural osteopathic approach focuses on fostering a better understanding of your musculoskeletal symptoms incorporating: visceral, fascial, craniosacral, harmonics and intuitive assisted stretching with effective joint manipulation techniques.

He utilises naturopathic approaches to his treatment by including: pain management advice, exercise rehabilitation, functional nutrition and ergonomic evaluation wherever possible.

He fosters a collaborative patient-centred approach, with goals to aid self-management. This compliments his treatments to best empower the individual, understanding that no two cases are the same.

He also offers medical acupuncture/dry needling, kinesiology taping, Swedish/classic, holistic, deep tissue, sports and remedial massage therapies with acupressure and trigger-point therapy complimented by a wealth of knowledge in ankle, neck, shoulder and spinal pain management.

James’ passion and growing experience is in injury management for athletes, musicians and dancers from the performing arts world, working with international touring theatre shows.

When not at Fix he likes to keep as active as possible, enjoying dance, hiking and preferring cycling wherever he can.