Lauren Davies


My aim is to promote overall wellbeing with an holistic approach. Incorporating my experience as a massage therapist and recent years of becoming an osteopath.

I believe that everybody should receive individualised and targeted treatments alongside body awareness education and self-help strategies. I have a background history within competitive cycling and so from a young age I have understood the importance of well maintained physical and mental wellbeing. I have accumulated a passion to work with the human body to reveal the areas of weaknesses or dysfunction and to work with each client to facilitate improvements. I understand the importance of ensuring that there is a balance between a body’s strength, mobility, flexibility and stability.

Everybody has the innate ability to self- regulate, heal and adapt correctly if maintained within the correct environments. I work with clients from all walks of life and ranging age categories. I have desires to further my education into women’s health and pre/post- natal care and also into working with the fascia.

I have recently completed a level 3 personal training course which will strengthen my rehabilitation/ management care and knowledge. Going forwards I see myself continuing to develop my skills as a multifaceted osteopath who strives to deliver sustained results for a range of clientele.

When I am not a Fix I enjoy taking time for self-care and recharging by going to the gym and sauna- working on my body helps me to work with others. I also enjoy listening to all types of music and taking time to be in nature and around animals. especially when visiting my family home in Leicestershire.